Milton Fae (the pablo family grows)

Pablo’s nephew, son to Zephyr.
He’s adopted because his original family were like “eh” and threw him into a dumpster, and then that dumpster fell into the sea, and then that dumpster was raided by pirates, and then those pirates landed at a port and threw the dumpster into another dumpster, and said dumpster was where Zephyr was passing by, he saw gremlin child and decided to adopt him.

Milton is a loser and everyone except for Zephyr and Penny hate him, pls make fun of him that is his purpose in life :pray:
He either has extremely bad luck or he’s extremely injury prone and clumsy.


If I PvP against him, will I win? :eyes:

yes 100%
he will punch the air to build up his heat meter (he uses thermo fist i forgot to mention lol) and then instantly lose it and crash into the ocean and get mauled by sharks

he is missing a foot but can still stand up for himself… not until i break his legs

At least he hasn’t burnt off his pants using his own magic.

Vega freaking did that and he’s both a goober and an idiot for it.

Very cute for a “he” :melting_face:

he’ll probably break it himself anyways

yes he is a dude :fire:

what magic is that circle?

Wood magic, cherrywood variation

Bro has the mitsuri hair color lmao

eleventh time he has been likened to mitsuri :fire:

Also was his left feet been cut off or a shark nommed on it, why is it missing and replaced with a prosthetic

Looks like mitsuri from KnY to me

For one second i thought that is mitsuri from demon slayer

14th now