Mini rant on new guilds

All the new gen guilds usually claim that they are the best but get beaten with ease by decent people at pvp. I bet I can beat them with my plasma file. I don’t even say that we are the best (clearly not) on my guild. All of the leaderboard guilds don’t even claim that they are the best. They’re not good at pve either I’ve seen some of these guilds struggle hard at a few scouts. I just hate how foolish these that make guilds are. That’s the end of this stupid rant because I saw a few new gen guilds that claim they are the best. You can prove me wrong idc.

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genuine facts bro

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guilds ever since guild update pretty much would put in their bios that theyre the best
just leave them be they arent hurting anybody but themselves

Im trying to get out of rookie so I’m gonna hunt them still :roll_eyes:

new guild mid

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yeah this is the reason why omega is winning

lemme just farm you :yawning_face:

the account which owned omega got banned back in september 2021

(loud warning)
L bozo

why would anyone leave them be? they’re infamy printers and usually toxic

start talking once you are at rookie :yawning_face:

Yeah i can speak when I was chasing a grand council member she called me scared but I was doing the action

Ash Ketchums basically

Exactly the way you put it makes it funny


“Back in my day…”

new guilds when their 20 blast doesn’t work

new guilds when they lose a 4v1 to me



The jp guy is so weird lmfaoo

they complained about me hunting players when i only fought them to defend a player they were 1v4ing too