Minor Diary Thread

This is just a thread for minor stories/thoughts that you have. Basically, a public diary to archive small stories.

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today i made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

it was good but the bread slices were too thin

I made a waffle that was pre-made

I have planted seeds in my backyard while there was heavy rain today

I just shit my pants

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i make mud magic fanart but im too lazy to post it

I worry that people find me annoying.

Today, my allergies have gone into Overdrive Mode. Luckily I’m not in school or else I would have to leave early

I think it is sunday

I asked (and received) a girl’s phone number a few days ago. She works at the subway I often go to, we make small talk all the time. Learned quite a bit about her from those chats :nod:

I put away the dishes

i used a predictive text generator to write an edgy mud magic copypasta

So uhh I was exiled farming with OmenHelpMe and his internet went out and I got an oath. Start of my small but cracked rng rain for 10 minutes

i’ve spent too much time playing dying light 2

Today I was stuck on a math question for 10-15 minutes
It was to find the value of the last digit of 3^101 without directly calculating it, using the pattern of the exponents of 3.

In the past 5 days I have watched over 70 episodes of One Piece


today my hand suddenly started hurting again

it seems to happen most often when I grab things/punch something

should probably go to a doctor but eh

NAh just put ointment on it

the bones hurt tho