Minotaur boots

(Tell me if this trade sucks, I dont really know the value of things.)
I am trading 2 minotaur boots for any other piece of minotaur or exiled equipment, (no bad enchants)besides boots.
Bluehood @AndyDeDumbo

wont get exiled drops.

didn’t say it had to be a bad enchant piece
bad enchant mino helmet

im not available for a couple hours, but i can just warp to you. no need to friend eachother

Ah, ok.

clean mino hat


wont be available for 3-4 hrs calm down skipper

U could get a mino chestplate for two mino legs

Or a exiled helm/legs

I understand that, but I currently do not care.


give headless


So at what time will we trade?

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