"Minotaur, I can't kick your ass if I don't come closer."

“Oh really… Then come as close as you need to.”


this is real art


Good shit.


It’s all because of your suggestion :–)

Has anyone seen the Minotaur and the Exiled actually fight?

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Looks amazing. This is kinda what inspires me to make WoM art, but scares me at the same time because I can’t really compete with that, lol

This is amazing

lol I like minotaur gave the exiled a finger

Yo shoot your shot, man

I mean i drew an Enchanted Castlian Sword yesterday, got some pretty positive feedback. I don’t think it’ll be one of my pieces that I use to apply for the Artist Role, tho.

i mean the standards aren’t every high, at least doesn’t seem so. i got in with drawings that i did in roblox free draw game lmao

also it’s not about competition, more-less just sharing art and improvement

Yooo…we need an animation of this NOWWWWWWWWW- jk

this is pure art…i will admire this forever.

what are their stand powers?

One can stand upright with that heavy axe, the other can stand on one foot. Powerful indeed :frhigh:

I’ve seen a video of it in action. The Minotaur wins if they’re at max health.

Finally, some real art.

imagine jotaro vs dio but swapped out for mino/exiled
any artist, i want to see that happen

like the whole manga fight? I can do that but I don’t really like tracing art

Oh, you’re approaching me?

the question is, do you use the manga, OVA, or anime version

ever wondered “where did the longsword go?”