Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items
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Things to know

Alright, so I haven’t made a suggestion a long while so bear with me. I’m making this suggestion out of pure interest and I’m making it because I feel like it. This suggestion isn’t something that will affect game-play in any way, nor is it a change.

Suggestion Description and Explanation

This suggestion is a list of items that would have no real purpose but be in-game as entertainment items, such as the banjo from AA. Each item will have an explanation of what it will do, how it will work, and how it will be added. Models and other aspects of the items will not be covered what-so-ever.


  • 4-String Banjo: This item would be nearly an exact copy of the banjo from AA and will have the same notes / binds. Can be obtained via fishing or via chests. Level requirement is 60.

  • Out-Of-Tune Guitar: This will be a guitar where each note played is completely random. Has the same binds as the 4-string banjo. Can be found by using a guitar too much. (0.5% chance of a guitar breaking) Level requirement is 60.

  • Guitar: A normal guitar with the same binds as the banjo. Can be found via fishing and via chests. Level requirement is 60.

  • War-Horn: A war-horn that lets out a loud horn-like sound (maybe similar to the magic horn from AA) for 3 seconds. Has a cool-down of 60 seconds and can be heard from a decent length away. Can be found via fishing and via chests. Level requirement is 80.

  • Deep-Sea Horn: Similar to the war horn, but in the shape of a shell. Can be found via fishing. Level requirement is 90.

  • Training Sword: A old-sword that does 0 damage. Can be purchased at any weapon-based shop. Can be found via chests and via fishing. Level requirement is 0.

  • Book items. Such as the story-like books from chests you got in AA. Can be found via chests.

  • Magic Lantern: A lantern that has a flame lit with the same color as your first magic. For example, if you’re a wind mage, the color of the lantern will be red, blue, or white, depending on the variation you chose. The particles could also change to resemble the magic. This item can be obtained via fishing and via chests. Level requirement is 100.

'Idk, Im bored'

noo don’t break my guitar noo

psshh, Major Features whats that? I need an exceedingly sophisticated instrument playing system

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We need these more than primordials

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give me a piano

pink. how

Because pink.





the ’ makes it pink




Not specifically planned but instruments are, and this one is surely a pretty strong candidate

Funny enough but I definitely don’t want durability, let alone on items with the sole purpose of being a funny distraction. Would be fine if you could only find it

Planned, there’s a whole list of planned books

Now for the rest

Can’t see them being too annoying and I’ve never had problems with them in games like Wild West so it gets a pass

I mean… I can’t really see the point of it but it doesn’t sound too hard to add

I want this

music discs so we can blast country roads

gimme jukeboxes on my ship so we can blast pirates of the Caribbean as we sail the seas

why not

Books are confirmed on the trello.

Ik, I’ve been told 4 times already :<

thx tho

As an item found on it’s own would be fine too.

There is no point :fr:

i don’t want my guitar to break :frcryin:

guitar weapon when

cool but why