Moirai | Carve your own Fate | Accepting Wizards New and Old

The Basics

Guild Name: Moirai
Guild Status: Light
Guild Owner: Eden Salore [GenneGenna]

:scroll: Description

Does it seem like all is set in stone? Are you lost in the dark with barely any sliver of light left to guide you? Is this all what fate wants of you?

There is more to life than what is thrust upon you.

You have the ability to choose.

Welcome to Moirai, seekers.

Our goal is to shed light upon those who are in need, no matter how small that task may be. Not only for those who are not in our numbers, but within our own circle. There is more to life than becoming a witness to an attack by a Dark Wizard or suffering the pains of daily life. No matter how insignificant or vital the task, it is our goal to provide whatever hope we can and help teach all that we assist that they can take action as well. They can follow our example and learn to take the reins of their confidence, discovering what they truly want and leaving their destiny in their own hands.

You are the writer of your story. Do not let anyone, not even us, take your pen. All we want to do is help you find the right path.

To Do List

  • Make Recruitment Thread :pencil2:
  • Gather some interest :question:
  • Wait for the Guild Update :alarm_clock:
  • Make the guild official In-Game :fireworks:
  • Optional: Add in-character lore :open_book:



roblox: GenneGenna

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