Morden my beloved [REAL]

Valentine special although it isnt valentine yet

Kill me





The background is absolutely stunning.

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The art is real nice

but why

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i ship it

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Looks like they are nearly high enough to reach the promethean flame curse hehe. Sick art tho.

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The next painting should be a comic, with them looking at a shooting star, that they notice is falling towards them and then it crashes down on them, blows up and incinerates everything. I predict that Tobi would love such a thing.

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Quick question, from what i heard
The Promethean Curse is literally outer space, right ?

Sort of. The Promethean Flame curse is in orbit around Earth. So, not outer-outer space.

So like a satelite ?


Imagine in the future when they have space ship and then a white glowing cube crash them while they flying
That’s gonna be fun

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Imagine if we go to another planet and find new Magics and Curses. “Arcane Galaxy” sequel to all previous games.


its been 2000 years since arcane adventures and still nobody built a rocket

I mean, the world had to cope with two mass destructions and mass species exctinctions and mass genocides, so… In AA technology had advanced quickly because of the Arcane Goverment. The world would have been dealing with far more important problems than that. Like, we are in a new continent raised from the sea. Sure, millenia have passed, but it would not be enough time for animals to evolve and even if the people who came from the Seven Seas brought animals with them… colonizing and having enough suplies to feed an entire continent… that would take quite some time. Also, imagine the economical problems. People would have to start almost from scratch. And if that wasn’t enough, we also have the problem of magic pollution that had filled the sea and should be on the land too. In AA, the world had been shattered, but there was something left of it. Now, W.o.M. is a whole new world (Not Alladinn style.) for most people, and they only have their memories, their few supplies, their any kind of knowledge and technology and their magic, or anything else that they decided to bring with them.
Also, we have only seen how many… 4 towns of the entire continent. They may as well be the primitive part of it… small villages that have not accepted evolution. So, if W.o.M. was to continue you could expect the largest city to have some sort of steam punk airship or something like that…

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