More music

Travelling in the seas, why not play some calm music?

A pretty short one, I like to imagine someone playing it in the seas.

I’m going to post a big one sometime this week, don’t get too exited though cuz I still suck at making music


Because Im not allowed to post progress updates I can’t show you my music im currently working on, and can’t get any feedback-

yiss, moosic

You can post progress updates, just keep it out of #art itself

This ones pretty bad NLG, but I tried my best to make it sound intresting

And also nice

Quite a relaxing song which feels more chill than I expected but good song.

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Also, I finally figured out the main title screen music and going to hide it inside the thing I’m working on :smiley:


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I got some real good faith in what you’ll create, I really like the vibe you can get with your music

You’re perfect on being a bard in Arcane Odyssey, that is if a lyre will be added as a musical instrument. Banjo’s probably confirmed since Banjo was in AA.

I love the sound of guitars :smiley:

This is a lot easier to with sound on…

Here is my next music in production. I need feedback and I feel as if its too repetitive. If anyone can find a tune similar to what im doing post it below!

I hope im not breaking any rules… I mean im posting it in the reply’s.

If a mod deems this as a no no, then go ahead and remove it.

Yeah the ending is a but doo doo

Yeah it’s good. Didn’t like the sudden end though but I understand since it’s a temp.

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The tune sounds good but maybe you could add a bit of percussion say a low handchime instrument.

Still working on the end, trying to find a new thing to add on the back without making it repetitive

Intresting. Ill go check it out and see if its fits

Edit: I like it! Thanks so much for suggesting it :smiley:

How about try adding some sort of war horn sound? Feels like it’ll fit into the theme where it started to build up suspense at 0:16.

The music making software ain’t have a war horn sadly. Altough it would sound nice. Ill try to find a suitble replacement

Oh what software are you using? Other DAW have plugins that you can add into them, that is if you can find a plugin that you’re trying to find.