"Moroon" an AR x WOM shitpost

“Ay Proty can a wizard hang at your tavern tonight?”

“Screw you percivale… I’ll see you at the total game revamp”

“Ay moron don’t hate me cause im hot moron maybe if you got rid of that
ol aighaigh ass haircut you got maybe you’d get some witches on yo lap.”

“Better yet maybe sage will come for your terrible magic synergy having ass if she ever stop fuckin with that pheonix or light guy shes been fuckin with. Morooon~”

“…What the hell?”


I was curious now I’m just disappointed smh

He’s a little confused, but he’s got the spirit

move this to #off-topic :moyai: I thought this was a story about ar and wom but it’s just a franlin roasts lamar wom version

@liu get your short-ass over here

is rake mod :poggerfish:

you’re a regular you can do that yourself

@Rake same goes to you. regulars can recategorize, no need to call for a mod

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I know but I was asking if this counts as a meme in off topic or belongs to writing I wouldn’t want to move it to off topic without knowing if it was

breh make that decision yourself c’moooonnn

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wait I can

I didn’t realize I had so much power

is it bad that I like this


I’m confused.