Most confusing thing i have ever seen

So apparently snow has a synergy with magma and im literally so confused rn, how is this possible?

its not really a synergy when it debuffs your attack by 5-10%

Thats why im confused, apparently on some tier chart it says its a synergy with wind and snow and i have no idea how

A top tier one too, may i add

you said magma, not wind

Magma, and snow, but on another it said wind as well, sorry

Every synergy tier chart is heavily innacurate

Magma and Snow have a defensive synergy because they clear every status effect except for Poisoned combined.


most status effects only last 5-10 seconds long, and due to just how slow the pacing is in combat I doubt that “synergy” is ever going to be effective.

Combat is only slow-paced if you play it that way.

oooo meta said you have skill issue

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