Most heat-based magics after the TGR


You win one you lose one.

you lose a big one you gain a small one :man_shrugging:

There is more of a loss than a gain (but making it based on the destruction stat doesn’t really buff heat based magics aside from explosion).

yeah i cant wait to be fighting on my boat and the enemy just jumps in the water and theres nothing i can do about it but i will burn there boat down no matter the cost

Plasma actually has pretty good destruction.


Fire too but to a lesser extent.

There’s things fire can do that plasma can’t. For instance, fire synergizes better with ash.

aye dont do my fire like that…

-cries in ice magic doesn’t work underwater-

neither does any heat based magic :frpensive:

i totally forgot about ice, and my second account is ice too…

Yeah Plasma’s Destruction x Damage is 25% higher than average, and with Scorch that’s really gonna help.

It’s going to be Verdies vs Trigno all over again. Minus Argest.