Motivate Me With The Power Of Splatoon 3 Clips

Motivate me through the medium of splatoon 3 n stuff.

go and show me clips n other cool stuff of you guys in splatoon 3 (please no story mode though).

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well this is disappointing

heres me waiting 8 minutes to get in a lobby
idk if thats what u wanted
aight i guess its not embedding

wonderful, a reply, and a clip, that is something I want, because it is splatoon 3

and we all know that the nintendo servers are nearing roblox levels of bad sometimes (or you were just playing when noone was awake lol)


fun fact you cant get to 1000

damn this explosher buff is so good

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fun fact: if you aim all the way down, you can fall off the map when you spawn

I will bump this by 5 hours again because I need the motivation from seeing the clips so I beg the people that actually look at these things to post them
too lazy to download