MrNormalBox's Normal Shop

MrNormalBox's Normal Shop
convenience 4.6 10 fairness 4.545454545454546 11 trustworthiness 4.6 10

PS. I am not really new guy because I’ve gotten lvl 90 but I don’t have anything good so I’m a little new.

You’re new. I can tell, just because you’re level 90 doesn’t make you a veteran.

oh sorry I just saw the no crowns, plz don’t pay attention to me.

ik that i’m new

you do realize just because one person thinks its worth something doesn’t make it the actual value right?

yeah just trying to find someone who can do a trade like that

You won’t find anyone here. Try ingame.

ok but I have a friend working on getting me sunken gear, so I might come back here

Alright then.

cuz you seem like a pro

thanks lol

I won’t do crown offers anymore on the forum because you told it annoys you.

Those kind of trade offers annoy many other traders, not just me.

ok I’ll just try to beat bosses

I can beat them just the prob is finding them

You don’t have a tracker? Make a new savefile, whatever boss you want to farm. Choose that storyline. Finish the storyline, EXCEPT DO NOT TALK TO THE BOSS. Keep farming that boss.

I though of that plan except my friend has a tracker and he leads me there, but he does not get involved in the fight and this repeats until I have full gear, then he gets involved both of us beat him, then talking the the boss part except I just kill the boss until I get full gear. Then

I do whatever

What does that mean?

It’s 100% irrelevant to this page