Musical Instruments In World Of Magic?

Considewing World Of Magic fowwows histowy up to the ancient times, musicaw instwuments shouwed exists in game.
So faw on my reseawch, duwing in ancient times, they have:

  • Lyre
  • Panpipes
  • Flute
  • Harp

Hewes the wespective people who invented each instwuments accowding to Greek:
Hermes invented the lyre
Pan invented the panpipes
Athena invented the flute
Linus invented the harp

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I would love to have musical instruments. Something that also might be cool is to add a drum like sound effect to the club.

Hmm dunno if drums are invented in the current year of World Of Magic, even in the year of Arcane Adventures but if the lore follows Greek Mythology, they should have those 4 musical instruments.

Do you think that different cultures would have different musical instruments though?

Drums are like the most ancient instrument lol

music is universal and every instrument thats technologically feasible should be already created

True but World Of Magic follows Greek Mythology as history and not the scientific history. So far dont see the drums in classical music, considering it uses the oldest musical instruments as well.

yeah but there are so many cultures from different parts of the world in WoM so it stands to reason at least one of them have drums

drums during ancient greece were a thing and was called tympanum

Well so far, after passing the year of Greek Mythology, the current year of WoM isn’t near the year of invention of drums yet so I don’t know if other cultures would have it.

Oh you’re right, it is a drum. Well i guess that would be added into the list.

Fuck, jazz isn’t a thing then

These items might be added when skypiean culture is added.

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I want a lute for my knight character

i want the harp, give me the harp
no reason, same with the reason why i [REDACTED]

no one mentioning the banjo?

I am going to get a trumpet and use it to doot poison at everybody.

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