My Arcane Odyssey characters Story

In the middle of the ocean rested a small island. A human was halfway buried in the sand and being swarmed by seagulls. Perched on the human guarding it from the ravenous birds was a Raven. The next day the human awoke laying on his back.

“Uhh. where am I?” The human inquired to the air. “Everything hurts and I’m very thirsty,” complained the human to the clouds and birds in the sky.

The human stood up with a grunt of pain, after 3 attempts he then saw the Raven watching him from a piece of driftwood. “What are you looking at?” demanded the human, “I could easily defeat you bird.”

“Ah, but not before Iss injured you sseverly,” croaked the raven in response.

“Wait. You can talk?” inquired the Human.

“Iss can in fact sspeaks one of the languagess youss sspeaks,” croaked the raven in its harsh, raspy tongue…

The human looked over the raven with deep thinking eyes, “Why is it that I’m not surprised that you are speaking?” questioned the Human, “I feel like I should be freaking out. But, I’m not.”

“Iss iss here to help you on your journey in this harssh world plagued by disasterss and monsterss,” responded the raven.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Iss willss tell youss thiss,” answered the raven, “Your memoriess of your passt, namess, and friendss were all blocked from your accesss.”

“What did that to me?! And what is my name then?” yelled the human at the raven.

The raven began making a harsh raspy sound like coughing. When it finished coughing it answered the human’s question, “Youss name iss Raven Issessea. Ands the name of the creature that blocked youss memory callss itss sself The Sspectator.”

“I will kill this Spectator and retrieve my memories then, “ spoke Raven Icesea towards the raven while doing airquotes around ‘Spectator’.

The raven began doing the hoarse coughing again, “Iss will heplss you ssurvivess in thiss world. The Sspectator hass givenss you an ability that the nativess people on this planet have,” rasped the raven

“Annnd, what would that be oh so mysterious raven.?” questioned Raven Icesea in a sarcastic manner.

“Magic. You hass been granted a type of magic. Iss do not know how itss workss, but when youss find out how it workss, it will be a powerful asset for youss,” responded the raven.

“Magic,” scoffed Raven Icesea shaking his head. When he looked up the raven was gone. “Ya gotta be kinding me. Guess I better try to figure out where I am,” Raven Icesea spoke to himself.

Raven spent the remainder of the day exploring the small island. He made a small shelter and found some chests with a dagger and a fishing rod. He went to sleep in his shelter after eating a fish he caught. The next day passed much the same with no land in sight for a distance. He discovered he infact did have magic of the lightning variant and was proficient in the dagger. On the third day the raven returned.

“Iss ssees you hass been ssuccsesful in sscavanging,” the raven croaked from in a tree.

“No thanks to you,” responded Raven Icesea.

“Iss hass informationss for youss,” rasped the raven.

“What is it?” sighed Raven Icesea.

“Onss one condition.”


“Youss allow Iss to accompany youss on your adventuress in the guisse of a familiar.”

“Sure, I guess.”

The raven promptly flew down onto Raven’s shoulder and rasped into his ear, “A man approachess on a rowboat from the nothwesst to escape an oncoming sstorm. Sspeak with him and explain your ordeal and he sshall grant you assisstance.”

“What is his name?” inquired Raven Icesea.


–For readers–

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why does the raven hiss like a snake

It rasps which ends up making a similar sound as to when we say ss. or as you put it snake. Ravens are not meant to speak human perfectly.

It’s a bit much at times. Idk make it eat someone’s vocal chords and use those

Im thinking for the second part he stumbles upon a washed up sunken sword on the beach before he sets off from whatever morden tells him to do. Can’t use it of course because he doesn’t understand how to use the weapon.


great job