My duplicate seasonals for other seasonals

i just want a more variety of seasonals

I could buy 2 Skel Wiz hats fo 2 omen masks

Why do I feel like seasonals with no variants have less value but the ones with variants have more value

I’m just wondering :sob:

yes they do because there are much more of the nonvariants than a single color. Some people want a specific color, the person trading it might only have 1 of that color while both people probably have like 5 head wrappings

mmmm. Can’t wait for Arcane Odyssey where you can change the color of the seasonals.

by variety i mean i want at least 1 of every seasonal so i can do 1 hat

Can you give me a Mummy Legs and Shirt for 2 Crows?

i want variety bro y would i want 2 of the same also they not duplicates

3 crows


3 Crows and a Slave Contract


make it 4 crows and i gotchu

make it 5 crows and i gotchu

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