My friend just died

they had a heart condition and it finally got them :frcryin:

help me I don’t know what to do right now I feel like I fell into a deep dark pit of nothing


Can’t tell if you’re being serious, because this is the forums, or if you’re just messing around, because this is the forums.

On the off chance that this is genuine then you have my most sincere empathy and I simply and respectfully wish you the best of luck through these hard and challenging times. It will be difficult, you will be sad, but eventually while you will not forget this experience you will learn to accept that it did happen and be able to move on. It’ll take time to mend this emotional wound but it can be healed, not back to how it was, but healed none the less. So once again you have my empathy. As you dive deeper and deeper into despair just know that, in the end, there is some light to be found. It may take some time to reach but it can be reached.

Hopefully that somewhat helped, even to the most minute degree. We all wish you well on your road to mental recovery.


feel like something this serious wouldn’t be a joke.

I’m very sorry for your loss. When I lost someone too, I just had to move on. That’s my best suggestion.


It’s serious

she’s had it for a few years now, but it worsened


I’ll try :+1:


I really don’t know how to comfort people or give useful advice, I wanna try working on that. but I’ll try to help you as much as I can here.

Firstly. I wanna tell you to take it easy and try to cope over it, it’d be very difficult and demotivating to do many things without mentally recovering. please focus on healing your mental health before trying to move on, and if you need it. please get a therapist.

Secondly, maybe try getting some help/emotional support from friends. while everyone here on the forum would love to try and help you. your friends probably know you on a much more personal scale. and can probably help a lot more, and maybe have them over if they wanna help you cope in person.

I don’t know how helpful or applicable the information I just gave you is, as once again I don’t really know how to comfort a person. If the words I just said aren’t useful/contradictory to my goal of comforting you. please point that out and correct it. I plan to edit this with more help if I think of anything. I currently have to go do something. so I haven’t had much time to review what I said.

Please, take it easy and I hope you can move past this once you’re ready!


Holy shit. Uh. Have a cookie. :cookie:

Seriously, though, I am not much of someone who is good at cheering up others, but, I am extremely sorry for you’re loss and I hope that you will not be permanently emotionally damaged by this. I have lost only a few relatives friends and pets in my life, so I know it is hard, but I know you can get through it.


y i k e s .
uh, idk what to tell you man.
just follow the advice that you already got from others.
cope with it, heal your mental health, get a therapist, get help/emotional support from your friends and dont fall for emotional blackmail.
do everything someone should try to do when a close one passes away.
i hope you get through this, though it WILL be hard.
i have faith in you.


I’m absolute horseshit at giving condolences, but… May she rest in peace, is all I will say to avoid saying something dumb.


Sorry for your loss. I’m not the best with advice but if I was to give you some, try and take some time to get over it. Don’t isolate yourself from others. Accept your emotions. Know it’s okay to grieve, or be sad, frightened, or any negative emotions. The pain won’t go away if you ignore it. The death of a close friend is hard to deal with, so if it helps seek out help.



may your friend rest in peace and all of their relatives, friends, and you well

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I’m sorry.

May they rest in peace.

Take it easy buddy, loss is hard, especially when it’s someone you’ve known for a long time. I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to things like this, but spending time with friends and family can help a lot.


I hope it’ll get better for you.
Loss fucking sucks.

I’ve been in that pit before.
Its awful, I hope you can climb out of it.

Stay close to those you care about and talk about it.
Don’t do what I did and just sit in silence hoping it’ll get better on its own.


Not trying to sound like an asshole, but to this day, I cannot understand why people share stuff like this on the forums. Telling of a grievous loss to complete strangers on the internet is kinda…

idk, wish the best for you, never experienced such loss myself so anything else I say might seem insensitive.


Idk, maybe telling people and getting support can help them cope.


Telling people online is much easier to do over face to face interactions, meaning it’s much easier to get direct support with the least amount of stress in exchange. Using forums or other communication sites is becoming a massive help in recovering mental health or helping people get through stressful stuff. It’s also much easier to get much more support than in face to face interactions.

and for @Broly, I can’t help directly but I have a small bit of counseling experience and if you ever wanna talk just DM me. (I don’t know if I’ll be on at the time, but if I don’t respond, just assume I’m asleep. I’ll respond the second I wake up or if I just missed it.) I’ve been told I’m easy to talk to and vent to, so maybe I can help distract you from your “dark pit.” I can’t stress enough though, take time from doing anything stressful, and if it’s bad enough I suggest taking leave from school or work for just a day or two to let everything sink in and mourn. On paper it sounds really blunt, but I promise you it helps to just get other things out of your mind. Really hope you can find your light again. :pray:


I have absolutely no experience in cheering someone up, but I do hope you will get better. You can do it. I believe in you man :peace_symbol:

For now, here’s some cute puppy pictures to hopefully make you feel better


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Sorry for your loss, that’s really sad to hear.

I don’t exactly know what to say, other than I wish you luck. It’s definitely a tough feeling, but you can get over it and recover, don’t let it take you.

I thought that it was just a joke and/or it was in-game
dunno man but stay good

that’s really sad man and I really feel sorry for you
just go and watch some cute cat vids or puppies that makes me happy (and it did when someone like that died)