My Last Build request

This will most likely be my last topic on the forum. The last one of these people say that magma is good with warlock over mage but now I want to ask the question of is magma conjurer or warlock better ( from what we know)

This includes pvp pve and overall effectiveness.

Please let me know why one is better than to other if you are able to. (For magma)

  • Magma Conjurer
  • Magma Warlock

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If warlock going thermo due to some synergy

On one hand most weapons proc bleed so you’d be consistently benefiting from Magma’s bleed synergy with conjurer.

On the other hand, weapons and slow magics are both good for close-ranged battles. There are also fighting styles that magma has synergy with as well, such as Thermo fist and Sailor style.

Overall it comes down to personal preference. My recommendation is warlock, but both of these are valid options.

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God my head hurts from deciding, I like weapons but not the fact that every time you switch you have to imbue again and the range but I like fighting styles for the range and speed but I’m scared of how hard it is to bring thermo to max heat

Yeah, I can see why it would be a hard choice

From what I’ve seen imbuement is really quick, just press H and click the element. Maybe after a while it’ll basically be second nature to do

That’s something I’m curious about too, recently there’s been a couple balance patches that made thermo’s heat not drain as fast as it used to so I’m interested in trying it out

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I think it’s fair if, say how fast sailor style looses energy, with every skill thermo gains it to the same amount

stop caring about whats good or bad, its gonna change over time anyway

magma conjurer mace tho… :hot_face:

I’d say warlock

because bronco is the magma sword man

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