My main issue with SunCry (and other guilds like them)

I think, just think, that my main issue with SunCry (and other guilds like them) is that they choose to capitalize on this update. They’ll do whatever it takes to be the top guild, they have no limits. Well I wouldn’t say “no limits”. They don’t like exploiting of course, they could get in trouble for that. So as long as it doesn’t break the game’s or Roblox’s rules then they don’t care.

They’ll do any dirty tactic necessary to get ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had people auto-fishing for sunken swords with others guarding them. If it’s allowed then it’s fine, doesn’t matter what it is. There’s no gray or “iffy” area for them. It’s black and white. They don’t care what people think. If you’re not with them then you’re points. They have no allies. They’ll want to sit down and chat with you then gun you down once you take your seat, free point. Trust is something they, imo, are not known for. Two times I’ve had SunCry members tried to bait me into joining a team with them presumably to know where I am and attack me. I never fell for it because I never trusted them. Have I accepted random team invites before? Yes, but they weren’t from guild members. I cannot trust SunCry because in no way have they shown they’re capable of having trust. They don’t care about anything but their position on the leaderboard.

They have organization, they’re not really toxic (from what I have seen), and inside they’re probably a good community but they have no boundaries. It’s these lack of boundaries that I dislike the most about guilds. Now, why mention only SunCry and no other guild? Because they’re the face of this. If they want to be the number one guild then they can take the backlash of being the guild who capitalized on this update everyone hated, that no one liked…well, no one except infamy farming guilds. It’s their time to make a name for themselves.

I will not accept the claim that guilds who farm infamy right now do not like what they are doing. If they don’t like it then they shouldn’t participate in it, if they still choose to do it then they should take responsibility. I’ll listen to actions rather than words. I’ll listen to history rather than the present because history repeats itself.

So in conclusion my main issue with SunCry (and other guilds like them) is that they have no boundaries. Whatever it is they’ll do it so long as it keeps them in the number one spot…and doesn’t get them banned.

Note: This isn’t meant to be a toxic post, start drama, or anything of the sort. This is just my opinions, mine alone, on my main issue with SunCry (and guilds like them). Some of you will agree with me and I’m sure most of you will not. That’s alright, I’ll respect your opinions on this topic. There will be no issues from me, even if this post gets deleted for being “toxic”, “harassment” or anything of the sort, no issues from me. I take full responsibility for my actions and words.


Yeah… got baited into a team, someone asking i needed help, then got tracked down on the spot

Wow I’m touched, you made an essay just for us :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:


it is what it is :pensive:

I’m glad to hear it resonated well with you. Though this wasn’t made specifically for SunCry, it was made for all guilds that are like SunCry. I primarily used SunCry as a way of talking about guilds that are capitalizing on this update as a whole. Instead of talking about each specific one I choose the one who’s at the top, the face of it all. You don’t talk to the arms and legs, you talk to the head; the face. I’ve written essays about stuff I don’t care about plenty of times. I did my time in school, it taught me well.

time to plan out suncry pt 2 MoonLaughter

How did you write that much for magic lego game?

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I’ve written a 1000+ word fanfiction about a character that never existed. The story of Queen Valice is a story I wrote just for the heck of it. How? I just typed, I love making stories and writing in general. I have a long way to go before I could consider myself something impressive, really I’m just a guy with dreams at most, honestly. I’m no wordsmith though. :pensive:

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latom :pray:

Didn’t Latom go to SL2? I remember seeing a Topic about that.

would we count as a guild like them? cause out of everyone a good majority of our members won’t RK every time they’re on, you might even catch me in a good mood where i’ll talk and be chill.

I have not seen much from you guys myself. I don’t even think I have seen a single member of your guild in a single server I have been on. Maybe I have but I don’t tend to ignore guild members in the top 20 guilds. I’ll let you evaluate yourself since I have no idea what your guild is like. But if Roselight Guardians does whatever it takes to gain infamy, no matter what it is if it’s not flatout bannable, then perhaps.


Dont blame suncry for infamy grinding the only way they can, blame Vetex for the shitty infamy system that he made, suncry is doing what they must do.

Yes but they don’t have to. Vetex is working on fixing the issue, SunCry is not, they’re staying the same. Their leader even said that they’ll still be RKing if it still gives them points. It doesn’t matter what it is SunCry will do it. My point is that SunCry (and other guilds like them) will do whatever it takes to get ahead, no matter how scummy it is, so long as it gets them points.

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@EmperorSolstice @Apothecary

yall tried to act toxic yet failed so hard because of how nice this dude is lmfao
not sure about apothecary tho


i see it as the devs are more at fault, even if this “suncry” organization would do these things either way; they’re only adapting to the landscape to not get left in the dust, yeah. there’s never a guarantee that no one will unfairly capitalize on something unless that’s ruled out by the higher powers

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Uh what…?

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I want to give everyone here a big hug :hugs:


Not sure if you were actually acting toxic compared to golden but still funny regardless.

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