My main issue with SunCry (and other guilds like them)

Im not good at acting toxic sorry man ill try harder next time if ya want

wait what i wasnt acting toxic in this post…

prove it x to doubnt

you’re the best thing in SunCry man. :slight_smile:

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bread kinda good though ngl

Who’s bread? I don’t know too much when it comes to guild stuff.

I’m referring to the food.


Oh. Yeah, bread is awesome. :+1:

yeah I’ve have been ganked by a few of them.

And the fact that they are trying to play it off :clown_face:

Yes, our declared goal is to be the number 1 Guild, and yes, it was our plan from the start to play it hard, because we figured that nobody would expect it.

As it is, the tactics for farming infamy very wildly, and I know a few members who like to use the team system in the way you described, to track down people for infamy. We don’t autofish for sunken 24/7, though: most people gave up on fishing for it long before update even hit.

Either way, I am not here to claim that you described us in an inaccurate way: the only thing that I wanted to mention is that RKing is the only way to get infamy, so we must do it either way. Some of us don’t like to, but almost all agree that it must be done to stay as the top Guild. There are some things outside of hacking that people won’t do, but that depends on the person in question.

In conclusion, this is a topic that we are dealing with constantly right now, but there’s nothing that we can do about it without abandoning our goal. I hope that TGR adds more ways to gain infamy, so that people who like to PvE can contribute in other ways, and that there is less RKing going on. Nothing will change in the upcoming days, though.

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This was well written. Thanks for that. Yes while it is the only means it does not mean that you have to do it. The guild had a choice, to try to be number one or to not participate in the update that wasn’t liked by 90% of the community. SunCry could have waited, the other guilds too, but they went in head first. Who knows, in a year the top guilds may be 10’s of thousands of points apart. The 7-10k SunCry got from this won’t mean much if that were the case. Something but not a tide shifter.

Personally I need infamy to increase the size of my bank. I am not going to RK though to do it. I am willing to wait, another thing SunCry won’t do ig.

Btw I, somewhat, know SunCry doesn’t autofish. Just saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. It’s up their alley, to do anything (besides waiting and banned stuff) to get ahead. They didn’t need to abandon their goal, just postpone it.

Do I think SunCry should have just not gone active at all once the update went out? Not really, but they choose to double down on it. It’d be another story if SunCry just occasionally RK’ed. It happens, that’d be better, but SunCry choose to capitalize on this flawed system without hesitation. A guild that would have hesitated would not be first.

Sorry if this was toxic or hurtful or something. Sometimes I can’t really tell. If you have an issue with this post in particular I’ll delete it. Might take a while for me to so though since I am busy. Also obligatory sorry for grammar/spelling.


christ dude my eyes, 2 nerds in one forum post holy shit

I mean I kinda dont blame suncry, RKing is the only way to get infamy

I mean it’s allowed so is it really a problem
just do it yourself, or avoid it, it’s quire easy to avoid

In my personal opinion it’s not the rking that’s the issue, but the way that they handle it. First off, it’s takes them a group of 5 people to attack one person. I would get about 2 or 3 people in a group, but 5? Now that in itself isn’t even really the real issue with Suncry. The main problem I would say from Suncry is their toxicity. After killing you they make fun of you, they berate you, and they disrespect you. Now not all members are like this but by multiple reports you can tell that most are this way. Then the second you complain about it, they attack you as if they did nothing wrong and that it’s not their fault and etc.
Why do you think multiple people complain about Suncry and not other guilds like Syndicate or Roselight? It’s not because Suncry is #1, it’s because their guild is made up of a bunch of disrespectful, messed up, teens that think they’re better than everybody else because they’re Number One so they start to act the part. If that isn’t toxic, then I don’t know what. In conclusion, the reason why Suncry is one of the most hated guilds is because of the way they act, not because they’re on top


Take my like. You could not of said it any better.

woah. calm down jamal, don’t bring out the 9

RDCWorld reference I see?

It was a concise perspective written down in a well-though-out post. I don’t hold anything against you for that. After all, one can only do so much damage control if he doesn’t speak for all of the 200+ members, like in my case. The best I can do is to offer my perspective as a higher rank within Suncry, and hope that people understand our situation and predicament.

We do need the infamy to get all of our members into the Guild in-game, that is the case: it’s not just the matter of being No.1, but also the simple matter of accomodation. In the end, I don’t blame you for your opinions, even if I admit that our reputation is in my interest. Do have a good time with the game, if you can, and hopefully, the onslaught will lessen by the time of TGR.