My opinion on v1.5.54

Okay soo this “snapshot” is really strange for me, with some changes i agree but others…meh.

its just my opinion!

  1. I agree that normal players dont need info about “Blade Length” and “Stamina Use”, because its easier to test weapon then figuring out what the hell those numbers mean.

  2. What does “Speed” mean as a stat!?Deployment speed?Your speed when weapon is deployed?I think “Slash Speed”/“Attack Speed” is less confusing name for stat then just “Speed”

  3. Okay?Does that mean that in far future we will have a weapon that will be able to reach you from ~10 meters?(Combat update?Just like in minecraft test version? hmmm)

  4. 50/50 .This change comes with pros and cons.

    • Pros are: less enhantment pool for weapons ; Finally you SHOULD wear shield in order to block attacks normaly.
    • Cons are: why the hell you block the same amount of damage with your bare fists and for example with Vastira?
  5. Nothing to say here.

  6. Amplified enchantments increase range weapon range by 50%.Does that mean that with “Bursting” enchantment arrows hitbox will increased by 50%? :thinking:

  7. Bigger hitbox for blocking?

  8. Minus item lore :expressionless:

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2 - Not every weapon slashes, some are blunt weapons too
3 - Yeah we will be able to hit bigger and further
4 - Shields are weapons now not used for blocking.
6 - Pretty sure yeah
7 - Shields are weapons, you don’t use them to block anymore.
8 - More simple and straightforward

Another note for shields: The scaling would’ve just escalated more and more until you just block 90% of your opponents attack. Just leads to more stalling due to it being such a good defensive measure. If you decrease the max, the scaling throughout upgrades would mean nothing

Correction: Confused all non shields for all weapons. Shields still getting block power nvm

wait what

wait what

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wait what

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wait what

  1. Will the bursting stat be changed to overall increase the range/size of weapons and magic by percentage now?

  2. Are certain stats like magic speed, casting speed, and knockback going to be changed also?

…Why are you asking that after a weapon revamp tho

I genuinely don’t understand what you’re saying, can you provide more detail?

Weapons are being revamped, armors or magic aren’t the focus for now

Well I’m asking since It looks like there’s a possibility that the stats could be affected/changed.

the hitting bigger is probably cuz

slashing gets bigger xd

Inferno moment

yall saw nothing

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