My opinions on CC ( not an advertisement)

tbf the CC is quite fun with out of wom/AO activities, has 4 different teams ( watch out noobs), and not toxic. I would rate it a 9.5/10.

what the fuck is a cc
closed captions?

probably crimson crescent or something. you know that one guild that spammed invites?

i farmed them to almost new guild

thank god it was not the CCP, otherwise social credit would go to execution level du to rating it to 9.5/10

yeah that one ;-;

  • dodges*

its due : /

i was in CC just for events and stuff

this aged poorly

First of all, why necrobump? Second of all, how?

olympus news drama, dont tell me you’re siding with vex right? hes been slandering dim, who did nothing wrong and kicked all members from olympus news, and there is heaps of proof of him lying about it, insulting him and slander

Still does not answer why you necrobumped this. And second of all, everything you just said aged very poorly.

I don’t really wanna get into this cause I have been in a lot of uncivil conversations on the forums as of late but whatever. (Also hi falcon :slight_smile: )

how in the world do you gain anything from bringing up lego game drama :moyai:

Hi omen

Necroposter also you were banned for 1 day for being underaged…

Underaged thing was a problem with roblox, I’m not underaged, also im not used to the forums, kindly piss off thanks.

Yeah i dont wanna see your face ever again in wom and discord so please fuck off.

He left until you just had to respond 3 days later.

thanks :slight_smile:
but yeah,don’t necrobump this,like i said the drama should be left behind