My Plasma Warlock

She is my favourite out of all my files so I decided to put some effort into drawing her. Btw, comms are open.


we are so back


:+1: peak

looks so good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

…should I be scared

what fighting style do they use?

i am tempted to say “iron leg”

Psalm 23:4

btw shlawg i was replying to the deleted message :sob:

she cute

good job

Cute! Comms are open you say? >:0

Yeah just find me on discord and dm for prices

Don’t say this when your file uses the more revealing of the two siren items and skirt with no shoes (Almost naked basically)

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Either way, very cute character.


did u forget the type of art in the early AO?


can’t forget the warlock i had fun doodling

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The duality of plasma warlock outfits