My Review on my own guild

More or less my thoughts on what I have lead and what it has done to me as a person

Meh. We have obama saphire jeremi and aabraham in there. They’re usually the more chill active members. But there’s a polar opposite of my community that is the louder part.

Then there’s this… Sometimes I wonder if there’s just no hope for this guild.

PVP: Shit. All im saying.

Leadership: I tried. Right now im not trying but maybe that’ll change once AO comes out

Regrets with the guild: I had alot of shit that I regret doing or saying… But the biggest one was. Letting my members run rampant for 2 months

Overall. My opinion on the guild is like my opinion on water. I like it when im bored or feeling motivated.

Don’t I at least get some props?

When AO drops I will help out with training, for rn I ain’t gonna touch WoM rn

Didn’t wanna make this too long. That’s why you and a few other ogs aren’t on here.

but how many OGs did you mention in the first place, I know for sure I’m not og :help:


jeez you finally joined the forums? It’s literally been 4 months since I discovered you :fr:

I’ve been on it for a good bit, I just lurk cause i can

oh shit march 22nd ouh

Only aab. People like tomi, sparky, grim, pixocal, and youth with grim being the only exception would be a bit over expressive to mention


yeah that’s fair

Hey look mom Im in this post!

Also don’t bring up the jnettey thing, the kid stabbed himself and attempted suicide to apologize for saying a joke and your still clowning him?

link to the disc?

A tier guild

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