My shirt aint loading

should i re-upload

failed shirt

it got denied lol


show me the shirt

ok… also im gonna cover some parts so u dont steal

so you made the shirt yourself?


well if it’s not stolen then it’s either innappropriate or roblox is high, give it a few hours or a day before reuploading

ggeznore u cant steal
without the red text

its been like 14 to 16 hours i think

i think roblox just gave up trying to decipher this template and deemed it as innappropriate and moved on

so reupload? when? tomorrow?

well for starters slap this onto it (it wont affect your shirt at all, don’t worry) and hope for the best

this might just help with the process and it might not get denied

mk thanks

ngl i feel like it might affect

nah ive used it countless times, long as it’s placed correctly it should outline the template perfectly without affecting the shirt itself

So like this?



almost, althought i dont wanna show the whole design

i slightly outdated this