My Shot at Spirit Weapons

Spirit weapons are a topic again so I’ll toss my hat into the ring:

Vitality is basically an overglorified support stat that just supports you, so I have an idea based off this. What if we can infuse ourselves into things by default? Let me explain:
My idea is for spirit to act as a sort of mod/aura in order for them to not just feel like reskins. They would be a mode of sorts for weapons and possibly magics and fighting styles which unlock specific skills, in exchange for passive HP or energy drain, and can be turned off. Say for example I have a hammer. I turn on spirit mod and it changes it to to a spirit version that hits harder and gives me access to certain things. IDK really, came up with this on the spot, good night.

I feel like the passive HP drain is kinda defeating for a build created to increase your survivability


do whatever you want with spirit weapons just don’t touch hp or regen you invested in vitality for a reason

Honestly I imagine spirit weapons to be similar to the terraprisma from terraria
But instead of always homing onto enemies you have to manually control them yourself

I always wanted something similar to DMC royal guard as a spirit weapon maybe it is a shield that stores energy that builds up when you block and extra if you parry. and casting any move shoots out all the energy in one attack.