My suggestion list part 2- equipment boogaloo

Okay, so I already made a medium length list detailing aquatic features that could be added, but after taking a look at trello, it occured to me that most of the weapons are scales to much higher levels, even with the new 1k cap. So without further ado, here’s a list of weapon and armor designs!
(I’m going to assume a lot of ground will be covered by island cultures so I will try to stick to less obvious stuff)

Weapon List
  • the navy spear
    • a standard issue spear used by the common soldiers of the government. Every few seconds it can shoot a much cheaper blast spell using it’s assigned magic. Bought in military bases, maybe even droppable.
  • the navy musket
    • come on, they have cannons, they’re going to have guns. It shoots things but is slower than the bow and reloaded with magic. Hits harder and no drop though. Muskets could have the same enchants as bows, and muzzle flash could change based on the gun and magic level of the user.
Exotic Weapons
  • eye of the storm
    • bear with me on this; when a tornado spawns, it has a low chance of leaving behind a chest with this weapon in it. A decent sword that has a passively charging gust attack with a much larger explosion radius than normal. This could borrow code from the lost spell with a similar basis.
  • ghostly scimitar
    • a sword used by the now twice killed captain of a ghost ship. This weapon cannot block but it can summon some low hp fast moving ghosts to attack the opponent.
  • captain’s long sword
    • Dropped by navy ship captains. This sword can be assigned to a magic and then whenever it lands a hit the effect of said magic takes effect. Normal swings shoot a very short range slash in the air that also triggers this effect. For magics without special effects, simply does a bit more damage.
  • navy issue dagger
    • a multi purpose tool that is probably most used for opening boxes. Short range stabby stabby. Throwable.
  • the waterspout
    • obtained from underwater temples, and originally used for ceremonies, the high magic density water of the depths let this sword take on some aquatic properties. Its weapon skill is similar to the eye of the storm weapon. It charges a mini water tornado to shoot at enemies.
  • fishsword
    • it’s a sword made out of swordfish. Surprisingly effective. Long reach, slow attack speed. It’s a serrated edge and so it inflicts some pretty strong bleed if you can land a hit. Special attack is a lunge forward with it.
  • ghostly handcannon
    • The ghost captain liked to cosplay as blackbeard so he had 6 of these. Unfortunately, you only can equip one. A pistol with faster fire rate than the musket at the cost of damage. If it hits a target it applies a hidden tag effect and if it hits again it spawns a ghost on them to attack. Ghost ships would be so much fun.
Armor and Accessories
  • deep sea amulet
    • allows the user to have clear vision underwater and can breathe slightly longer. Found in chests at diving spots.
  • bubble helmet
    • I had this in my other list but I’ll put it here too. Helmet that allows the owner to last a long time underwater. Dropped by water elementals. (Thanks, Juvia)
  • ghost captain’s hat
    • it occured to me that we already have pirate hats, but this one is special because it glows. Unfortunately the constant glowing is unpleasant so +1 to insanity. It does however greatly increase melee and magic power.
  • navy issue vest
    • I really want military ships to be a thing, okay? It’s a vest for sailing, and it uh protects you from poky things. Decent protection.
  • navy issue helm
    • keeps the top of your head safe®
  • navy issue buckler
    • a shield. For blocking things. Whaddya want?
  • ghostly vest
    • dropped by any ghost pirates, not just the captain. A vest that is not so good for blocking hits anymore. Very little protection but buffs to movement speed and attack power
  • ghostly buckler
    • a shield that has low durability but absorbs part of magic attacks and when fully charged can release a wave of- you guessed it- angry ghosts! Loses charge over time so you cant keep one at full charge always on you.
  • seashell full shield
    • since crafting is going to be a thing, why not make a shield out of stuff you find on the beach? Anyone? This shield has medium low durability but when hit with melee attacks it slightly injures the attacker.
  • water forged armor
    • some islanders found sunken gear and decided to try recreating it. High defense, slight increase to magic power and size.
  • the barrel
    • obtainable from shipwrecks. You are wearing a barrel. Why? Boosts movement speed and a little bit of defense. I’d love to see a rolling special attack but I’m not that unrealistic.
  • gleaming helm
    • a helmet found in one of the desert islands. Dropped from raiding nomads on that island. A well-rounded helmet that increases your defense and magic attack.

There’s not much for me to add until we see the new islands. Hopefully this list is useful, and if not, at least not boring!

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I like it all, though some might not seem to fit

Cool, but each item should do something crazy like add to something. Or be stackable with each other to increase stats.

meh whatever that’s my opinion. its probably bad :frcryin:

Sorry! Had to type this all out on mobile

I agree that we should have a bunch of crazy items, but of every item is some insane special effect, it gets a bit overwhelming. It’s nice to have some vanilla things mixed in imo especially for casual players who just want to buy their items.

I edited it in mobile but aight

A couple of things
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Well yeah, but not all the items need insane special effects.


Trello on crafting and materials <3

Thats… what I’m saying

Yeah… I’m not seeing it on there. Can you send me a picture or link or something?

Sure! I noticed some things on trello go missing when he started making arcane but lemme see if I can grab it. Trello arcanium alloy is one of the more direct allusions

Oh… Sorry bud, but I’m fairly certain those are meant to be materials and valuables that you find in chests to sell. Not to craft with.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined . I dont see where it specifically says it’s for selling but I will take your word for it. Fine. Collect seashells and trade them for a shield as a side quest.

Oh ok. :mariomug:

Nvm, this one is fine


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