Natural Disaster Survival in WoM


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Oh god, The wind user is back (malice)

As a wind main I subject myself to the all encompassing wrath of the tornado gods.

Whirlpool but WoM version

complete sentence

Time to ride the wiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnAAaaaaaAAAHHHH

How am I now seeing this

considering how they give us a badge for getting hit by lightning i bet there will be a sucked into badge

time to nuke silent tower

i wonder if they’ll cause destruction to the environment

I was just gonna post this, aw man!

Imagine a guild war being interrupted by a tornado

The battle field is strewn with corpses, with only a few members and a captain is left in both sides.

They stare at each other, gearing up for an attack- WAIT IS THAT A TORNADO, EVERYBODY SCATTER.

Guild Leader has died
Guild Leader has died
Guild Member has died
Guild Member has died
Guild Member has died
Guild Member has died
Guild Member has died
Guild Member has died

that one guy with mana left- “fuck this shit im out” hovers the fuck out of there

yo what else did the add. cant check trello rn

Eh idk, tornadoes are most likely visible from far and you can just run into them on purpose, meanwhile getting hit by lightning is purely random as long as you are under a storm cloud.

The only thing that could make the tornado badge rarer is if it’s really, really rare to find a tornado in the first place.

Imagine having wind with full knockback build and throwing someone into a tornado.

And this is our winner for what move is the most toxic in WoM.

That’s TERRIFYING, But I just imagine a mc captain getting into a severe tornado then flung across the map

autofishers losing