Neon Knights is out, go play it!

Neon Knights has finally entered open beta, which means it’s free for everyone to play. Neon Knights is a roguelite top down shooter with randomized weapon generation. This means there are millions of weapons out there to find, each of them unique to your player! Every part of the game is a well polished masterpiece from Blockage, which loves to do high quality works like Boost Vector and Noob Smacker. So seriously, go check it out.



Oh yeah!

I saw WarmWater playing it last night, I was just messing with HOURS at the time.

Probably won’t touch AO until the update drops.

This game has absurd quality and it was sad seeing it at like 0 players a few days a go, glad that the game has been semi-revived, though it still deserved much more players

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does this mean it finally got a real update? will i finally get the paid alpha rewards?

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I read rougelite and random weapon generation and think… why would I want that. Like that defeats a lot of what the purpose of rougelites are to me which is buildmaking

I’m gonna give it a shot but it’ll be a hill to get me invested

The random weapons can be dismantled for parts to improve and add onto other weapons.
Build making still exists, just not in the way you’re used to.


Alright seems like a fun enough looter shooter… however those loading times are like actually awful

I agree.
I tried joining earlier and I remember the loading times being way better than this, I dunno what happened.

I also remember the game being alot less laggy too.
Roblox updates must have hit it fairly hard.

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My only problem with the game is the Rthro (I hate rthro)

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Yeah, those weird ass eyes don’t sit right with me

Rthro looks like if you upped the resolution of a runescape character with an AI that has a bias for anime

didnt they ruin it with an update, then ditched it as a result of said update while justifying it by saying roblox is bad or whatever

they may have obliterated my shotgun but I’d hardly say they ruined the game.
its more that next to nothing has happened to the game until a couple days ago and most of the veteran players have long since moved on.

i still cant believe that added a carbon cap and added a daily limit to carbon grinding