Netherite bucket

A couple months ago I literally could not get to sleep, so I spent like 15 minutes feverishly swapping the color palette of the Minecraft bucket to match a netherite ingots. I never slept more soundly than I did immediately after doing this


yeah but whats the fucking use normal buckets can carry lava

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shut the fuck up you dont understand the genius


Im sorry for being retarded


I don’t even remember why I made this. I just know I did it on no sleep and immediately slept for like 12 hours afterwards. I think it was for some far fletched idea for a combat update mod I was having that would obviously never get made because of my zero applicable skills.

I too am a shut-in loser with too much time on their hands :+1:

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Yeah like what do you even do with 8 hours

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Sleep and then wake up with a headache from oversleeping


You can get headaches from over sleepin?

Sure can!

yeah you can i have personal experience

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prefer not to comment

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dont act like you are any better

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i am better i mean i act better and look at your fucking pfp like SHEEEESH

come back after Betex has called you a slur

should i ping him?

what in the wah huh!?!?!

@Rake should i ping lord betex himself