New boss, (yes i am doing a lot)

This boss is basically a reference to Vetex’s unfinished game adventure story. He’s a Poison Magic user called Maelstorm and he’s BRUTAL. (I don’t know if Vetex would do this personally, but he would probably be a vastus.) Maelstorm would be agro at you no matter the reputation and go full force all the time. His casting speed is faster and so is his magic speed in general. He’s an End-Boss for the Bronze Sea, but he’s optional. You wouldn’t need to fight him to progress any story. (Like Kraken in Arcane Adventures.) Strengths Maelstorm has quite a lot of HP and does a hefty amount of damage. His poison DOT will make it difficult for players to survive if they get up close, especially with his shockwave explosions Evil Maelstorm. Weaknesses To balance out his strengths, the Maelstorm would have heft drawbacks. For one- he’s very slow. Being a big hulking monster means that he can’t get around very quickly at all. He also has to recharge his magic energy quite a bit, making those times easiest to attack. If you’re up close to him and he doesn’t use magic, he will use slow, but strong physical attacks.

His drops would be the following-

Maelstorms Cloak (Chestpiece) - (Battle Spec. Cloak recolor.) “A large, old and worn out cloak,
previously owned by the Maelstorm, made with magic-enhanced cloth.” Gives power.
Maelstorms Boots (Leggings) - (The overseer legs recolor.) “Old and worn out boots, previously owned by the Maelstorm. They seems to give a little bit of protection.” Gives power
Maelstorms Hood (Accessory) - (Darkage Master hood recolor) “The Maelstorms only newly acquired item. It seems to be built together with bronze.” Gives power…

Or you could add a tangler…

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this will probably not get accepted, vetex is probably still mapping out the game and bossses, its too early to suggest bosses

Boss suggestions are not allowed as it is in the declined suggestions list

-Suggestions about adding bosses or islands/places; the storyline already has planned bosses and islands.

“Suggestions about adding bosses or islands/places; the storyline already has planned bosses and islands.”

am proud of the Leaders

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