New Guild Called Lotus Looking For New Members!

Guild Name: Lotus
Status: Dark Guild
Guild Owner: LoreCharacter/EternalSecrets
Contact Information:

The Lotus Guild is a new guild looking for members. We plan on doing wars against other guilds, raiding other guild’s training sessions, and causing chaos towards other guilds in this World of Magic. In the future, we are planning on becoming a ganking guild once we have a good foundation.

Lotus plans on having multiple week events. Below will be a list of future events we plan to do together.

  • Fishing
  • PvP training
  • Tournaments
  • Boss Farming
  • Raiding days
  • and much more

ok cmon you can’t tag it as guild


i l l e g a l

Wait it’s against the rules to have guild as a title? I didn’t know that mb. I’m new to the forum I am so sorry.

no, thats not it

you made it so this post lasts for 6 MONTHS WITHOUT CLOSING

[normally, max 2 days]

can i join my user is XXBeastmaster566 or jade grey (inside world of magic)

Lotus… Sounds familiar…

it does doesn’t it

we’ll never know