New island TP

Do you think there will be a map expansion like DeepWoken did with tps
if so what would you like to see?

Whats “TP”?
I want full word

Teleport, Go through a area that will move you to a separate game for the new map.

There is gonna be a map TP for AO then
for traveling through the seas but thats pretty much all unless Vetex plans on adding dungeons that take you out of the servers

and the dark seas as well possibly


Dungeons would be cool
Wonder what the new seas will be like thx for the info

We so far only know one sea, it’s most likely gonna be entirely new areas, characters, and stronger enemies

the next sea is called the Nimbus sea

It’d be cool if there are dungeons though :pray:

Thank God getting from 3rd to 1st sea in AA was pain

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oh, I didn’t mean it like that but
honestly he might do something about that

also friends in other seas can help you fast travel which is a W and the teleporting to users thing so traveling is still possible

Bro i hope he has a server list and you can choose what sea to join as well

that would be nice but sailing is fun and part of the game also just need a few friends

Have we been told ingame yet why the seas are named the way they are? Is it the bronze sea because of ravenna or did ravenna name itself after the sea?

ravenna didnt create the bronze deposits in their mines, its most likely that theres large amounts of bronze in other places too and that thats what the bronze sea is named after

anyway for the original posts, yeah the seas will teleport you to different places for other seas just like in arcane adventures and deepwoken

the bronze sea is named that because of ravenna’s extremely large bronze production and exports

i don’t think you’ll be allowed to teleport to your sea of choice outside of friend joins and sailing there yourself (wasn’t available in AA but it could change), but it’s pretty much a gaurantee thst the Seas will be different server maps since it still seems to be necessary for optimization even today

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at least they might be scattered in a way in which you can sail to most other seas from one sea and not u have to sail through all of the seas in the middle to get from one to another

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makes sense

I think they should make a way to teleport to towns you’ve been to via some magical stone available in every town/village/whatever.