New Teasers December 14th 2022

Merry christmas.


happy halloween

The Discord post is making me suspect that the game will be delayed again, though I’m really excited for the the trailer. As for the video, it looks really cool and I’ll definitely be over analyzing it. Also, was this the Roball Vetex was talking about in the Discord post?


Most likely since that Roball was talking about tester to vetex a long time ago on Twitter


the wings on the ship don’t move bruh :fr:

besides that everything else looks awesome

poor castaway was done dirty

and thermofist was leaked :scream:

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They’re likely more akin to airplane wings with the purpose of helping the ship stay afloat and maintaining altitude, since the ships are propelled by sky skate technology and not flapping of the wings

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they did level 11 castaway charlotte holder dirty :sob:


just a great trailer, nothing else to say.

Not the trailer I was hoping for but it’s great love it

The real trailer’s still in the works, this is just a smaller showcase

thermo leak!

I didn’t see any other players on the list, and judging from the ship colors, this is the Grand Navy right?

The ship building menu looks absolutely insane, I can’t wait to use it.
Pretty sure that’s also the first time we’ve seen enchantment scrolls.

I wonder how much the general community is freaking out right now.

i can barely make it out but when you look at a part of the logo close enough

yep that is the grand navy

I’m pretty sure, I think it also says “fortified navy caravel” in extremely blurred letters

These rng names are funny though, we got Count Spencer The Crusty and The Great Skinner (it’s actually Skinner The Great but shush)

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bro that reminds of some of the funny weapon names you can get in neon Knights, such as:
Abnormal Bangstick
A Stiff Long Gun :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The Lively Street-Sweeper

and some people have gotten a lot more funny ones

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There’s much more of thermo on patreon

keyword: patreon