(NEW!) Tyster's All Goods

Front Page

1x clean Sunken sword

Note: At the moment this requires a large overpay because I only own 1 copy.

Boss Drops

The Exiled

1 clean Exiled chestplate
1 clean Exiled helmet
1 strong Exiled helmet
1 leggings
1 clean Wall of Jericho (shield)
1 Swift Oathkeeper
1 clean Oathkeeper

The Minotaur

1 clean Vastira
1 Strong Vastira
3 clean helmets
1 bursting helmet
6 clean armors
6 clean boots

Sunken Items


Currently empty…


1 clean Sunken Sword


Loads of accessories: straw hats, maid outfits, etc.

  • If you can’t find the item you’re looking for, it’s possible that I have it on my other file. Just tell me what you want.

  • You can always make specific orders.
    For example, You trade a boss drop for a completely red outfit.

Seasonal Items


1 cap
1 sunglasses


180 in total (See accessories)
1 headless

Miscellaneous Items

6500 fishbait
1 lucky bronze rod
1 magnetic Collector’s rod
Different types of amulets. (powerful defense amulet,…)


There is no specific time when I restock but I will always change the front page and “Quote of the restock.”

Quote of the restock: “The beginning is the most important part of the work.”
― Plato

Contact me:

Discord: Tyster#1121
Roblox: FinnTheHuman993
You can always reply below!


Nice shop I’ll message if I have anything to trade

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Appreciate it

Im interested on the Swift Oathkeeper and the headless head please add me Survivalmaster0

hey check your discord

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Do you mind trading a Wall of Jericho?

My discord is Leroyyyy#0226 by the way

Sure thing

Trade log:


1 clean oathkeeper
1 clean exiled chest


1 clean WoJ

i want the headless and clean sunken sword dm me DaProdigyPlayz#4475 in Discord



1 mino chest
1 mino legs
1 exiled helmet
1 seasonal sunglasses


1 exiled chest
1 mino legs

u got clean sunken sword?

u got any really powerful wepons in stock?

Strong oathkeepeer if you still need any

um just asking do u have a oathbreaker i rly want it and I will trade it for like 3000 crowns maybe more idk My discord is UωU#5620