Ngl I feel like Rayhan (Flare Second Announcement)

Nah, he’s like 37

Doge king’s literal age is probably like 15 - 18, but their mental age is most likely under that


its 7

doge king is immortal wdym

2 hours left…

Im not ready to ascend to next level.

Fourteen… no… no… no…
not now… not yet…

I must stay at thirteen


st. Patrick day screwing me over

meow meow meow

My ass ain’t wearing green today.

Wait fuck I realized I am wearing a green shirt just now

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war crimes are about to be comitted

still refuse to believe im older than you

happy birthday brotha
welcome to the age of 14

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I forgot it was your birthday a while back happy late birthday to you as well :nod: :+1:

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