Nice view huh? What do you think


Imagine once more of the map is added and then think of how much more you would see from all the way up there :eyes:

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I really wanna see more of Southern Riverlands imo. When i’m there, I feel like i’m leaving home and venturing deeper into the wilderness

New things are possible with every update, like this wonderful view.

trees trees trees water trees

one of the things i really love about world of magic is how i can see the entire map from anywhere with a good view, it’s really neat.

Scenic :star_struck:

I still feel goosebumps every time i see this, goes to show how much effort Vetex put in this game

I forgot to toggle off the marker :frcryin:

an even better view.

when you see this its a very big map but its just a part of the map of vetex cant wait for the new Ashen Volcano Zone

The depth of field really makes it look nice.

See alot of people putting scenic shots in this post, what about this one?