No longer looking for offers

no longer trading anything of value

Ok unrelated to this post you’re playing loomian legacy in the profile pic, right?


bingo, that is correct

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What for seasonals

are u here

mb forgot to add the discord tag

what do u want then

no notes
no fishbait
no boss drops
no regular pvp items
(basically other seasonals and maybe sunkens)

i have sunken chestplay and sword , how many for them

all clean

i would give clean boots with 10 seasonals for the chestplate. idk if thats fair on your end but i am not really willing to give out more

what abt sword?

Wouldn’t really offer for it since i have one, not really in the need for one right now

hmm alr, what abt only seasonals for my chestplay

are u here?

trying to conserve as much seasonals as possible so i don’t wanna do seasonal only trades

hmm, can u do 11 seasonals and leggins?

no can do

can u add boss drops then?