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No stat points
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hi hi
so as you probably already know, vetex added a ton of stuff from his “private trello” so he could get feedback or whatever

however, tl;dr, stat points suck


  • the relevancy of stat points may completely differ;
    at the beginning of the game, players have slim access to fighting styles or weapons viable in comparison to magic (which I assume will still be somewhat true in AO).

  • while one could theoretically “reset” their stats later, this could lead to confusion admist unviable sets or poor placement of stats, potentially causing new players to quit the game

  • rare weapons, drops, etc, are completely scuffed by these types of allotments;
    what if, for instance, a pure warrior obtains a rare magic staff or scroll or vice versa?
    those rare/higher tiered items/boss drops or whatever may be completely unviable due to a build.

  • adding onto last one, saying someone should redo their entire build or split up a more dedicated build just to be able to use an item or scroll or “lost technique” or fancy sword as effectively as others could is just kinda lame bro.

  • while all these “builds” sound cool and stuff, they’re just cool sounding names.
    “Each path/build would get something different when the Second Magic quest ends (if it will even be called that), such as strength users being able to learn a second fighting style. The exact progression of each path isn’t fully planned yet.”
    but what about the stat resets?
    what if a player proportionately starts investing more into a different “class”?

  • expanding on above, if the classes get specific massive buffs then certain classes are gonna be meta just for those reasons.
    for instance, if you get two fighting styles, you’d be able to use radius as well as impact fist (they’re in the trello now) at the same time, which potentially could be far stronger than simply another base magic.

  • ruins the feeling of “getting stronger”.
    in AA, your character never “got weaker” from a base shape.
    you had 500 strength levels? you stay with 500 strength levels
    if you had 500 strength levels and wanted to add some magic? you could just train in magic some more without completely discounting those strength levels.
    having to manually put in points in some fields you may not even directly use is lame

  • stat points aren’t specific from how you get levels
    if I blast all my enemies away with magic, while putting no points into magic and everything into weapons, then the player being the strongest with weapons without any actual effort put into using weapons is just lame

  • the actual “stat reset”, how do you get it?? do you spend robux? do you need an in-game item? how much do those items cost proportionately?
    if the answer is robux, then its shitty
    if its not robux, then is it an in-game item or service?
    if yes, it’d have to be obtainable relatively easily early game or you’d likely lose players.
    if free, whats the fucking point

  • overspecialization;
    lets say someone puts every single stat into magic, then you add a full set of magic damage boosting armor, and then add players using metal magic or lost/primordials to inflict maximum damages
    you’d see these overspecialized players in practically every stat category, some prodigy or balanced player would get blown out of the water by these glass cannons or in the case of dexterity, tanks.

  • no real lore to this, breaks immersion if you wanna be fr

  • makes the game feel like some super shitty one piece copy and paste game

  • doesn’t seem like stat points are particularly popular anyways

don’t do whats currently written it sucks
at the least revamp the current idea heavily

frankly, as currently written, the whole stat point idea is detrimental if anything

potential alternatives:

  • just do what was in arcane adventures again

  • make stat points based on activities;
    for instance, you do a quest to defeat some boss,
    the reward? if the trainer is a mage they could “teach magical secrets”, show you how to resist attacks, or another could show how to wield a sword, throw a punch, etc.
    (because npcs are pre-set, this is more viable)

  • “challenge” quests that could give stat points upon completion,
    for instance, climb some big mountain with solely magic rather than climbing or high jumping.

  • you could just scrap the idea all together and do whats currently in-game, people can already specialize builds via gear

jeez I love mindlessly spamming just for stats

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This had to be my least favorite part of AA. Everything at the time was fantastic but having to spam for hours to be able to pvp with good damage was such a pain. It’s a sequel. There’s gonna be change.

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I figure the “do what was in AA again” means “earning XP using magic gets magic points, earning XP using weapons gets strength points”.

AA was a thinly veiled simulator by today’s standards, but earning levels for the equipment you use isn’t a bad system.

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No please, I like the system as of now currently. It will have it’s own paths and things unlike those other games, and will be more unique.

Bruh half of these points are you over-worrying or just being scared about something because you THINK you know how its gonna be. Jesus.

Not true at all, you literally spawn with a fighting style and magic, and one of the first quests gives you a dagger.

Irrelevant point

Then… just trade them for stuff you need? If you’re a full weapon build and get a lost scroll, trade it for a good weapon. Common sense.

The names are just that, names. They aren’t set paths that you choose, it literally just detects what your stats are and displays one of those names as your “build”. You can allocate any amount of points to whatever you want

Irrelevant point, this could be brought up for AA as well if its strength path was more developed. Obviously this would be fixed with just balancing the game, not a valid point.

Irrelevant point, you still need to level up in order to gain stat points, which requires grinding in some way. In AA it was the exact same, just that you used whatever you wanted to level.

Valid point, but I prefer skill point system over leveling each stat, so thats what its going to be

Having the stat reset item be common isn’t going to mean the difference between the game being alive or dead, dude… jesus. It’s going to be a relatively rare item.

Not true due to how the hybrid paths will work

Its a game… obviously gameplay > immersion

yet another irrelevant point

A lot of people were happy with it from what I saw :man_shrugging:

All of these proposals are worse than whats planned, no thanks