Nostalgia Area

I think it’d be neat if there was a small secret area that commemorated WoM, like the architecture/music/weapons etc.

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Maybe a relatively difficult to get to area, in the corner of the map. Tailored towards late game players, where only they’d be able to go through some old “unknown magic barrier.” It’d be like an exhibit of sorts. Maybe you’d get to walk through a little polished cavern and there are little sculptures of Ironport, Bell Village, Mount Seawatch, whatever.

If you came close to these little rock sculptures, you’d get to listen to the old Ironport theme with like a layer of vinyl on top as sort of a scratchy and old recording. Or maybe it’s kinda muffled like “Weak magic from a far off land just… works here…?” And then when you’re not near any of them and you’re just walking around you could listen to the main title theme.
There could also be weapon displays on the walls or near the sculptures of the areas, but they’d be all rusted and chipped and stuff. Like they’re too old to be picked up, otherwise they’d break. You could have Oathkeeper and Vastaria (is that how you spell it?) in a corner where you could listen to the Exiled or Minotaur boss themes respectively.

I don’t think all the music has to be archived, but I just think that the music was a staple part of the game and I loved it. As a musician who aspires to be in the film/vgm industry, this kind of music really helps cement memories even if you don’t really realize it was there in the first place. I can’t explain how… blissful? It is to hear music from my childhood that I associated with good memories.

Why this should be added:

Although WoM had its flaws, I still think it was a very solid game. Its design was phenomenal and it gave me and many other people a lot of memorable hours and so many reasons to come together for a bit. In a way I think that’s pretty neat, and often overlooked. It’d be a nice tribute to both the developers work and our memories. I imagine coming there late-game for some of the OG players would be borderline tear jerking. Maybe I just cry too easily, I dunno. I just think it’s a cool little tribute.

If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to. I just thought whoever suggested this originally in my post had a really good idea and I wanted to go off of it.
EDIT: @iammback_95 mentioned it

this’d be interesting, and cool as a throwback but.

I honestly don’t think WoM lasted long enough to really be memorable, and even then, it didn’t have that much of a style. If we really are going to add a nostalgia area, it would probably be more fitting to put something like AA (or maybe older but I’m not sure about the lifespan and popularity of the games before it).

Ok actually there’s a problem. Nearly all of AA’s music was more or less copyrighted

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I know make an area VERY FAR AWAY from everywhere else. And call it the deserted ruins. Have it be a dark version of savarias theme (hire music producer). And all will be left there will be a little pond. Everything else? Broken down or blown into more sand.

And as you go onto it a text saying “you feel a strange feeling. Like this area was abandoned. Not destroyed” appears on the bottom of your screen.

I don’t think the boss themes and other themes should play. That would seem a bit jarring as you walk around the room and the music constantly changes. I think it would be better if the WoM title screen just played in the background while you’re in the room.

I think this would be nice if it was in the game, but Vetex won’t add it for obvious lore reasons.

lorewise WOM takes place after AO…

;-; but it’d be cool if it was like that

i like good references but lorewise it doesnt make sense

This would be a feature request. And you have another vote

ooh i like this
like those small little battlefield recreations you’d see in your dad’s basement

small easter eggs and secret areas would be very nice and are like 99% going to be added to the game, probably

but it wouldn’t be too much of a secret if vetex accepted this idea, now would it :mariomug:


island with riverville music


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