Not to start anything or anger anyone, but what are your opinions on Artanaris, one of the Forum Mods?

  • He’s a pretty cool guy!
  • Pretty decent at his job.
  • Eh. / DNC DO NOT CARE)
  • Don’t really like the man that much.
  • Vote this if you’re posting that RIP BOZO GIF once he, in any way, if ever, gets removed from his mod role.

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I think he warned me one time but yeah he is fine i think

I’m indifferent tbh

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I post the rip bozo gif over anything



i thought more people would have a more negative opinion on him due to his ‘no fun allowed’ behavior, or at least an eh. (or 5/10)

((all the forumers who didnt like him got banned))

we are still best friends right @Artanaris :)

i dont like him a lot and i still am not banned yet.
you also dont like him and also arent banned yet.
taitc prob doesnt like him aswell.

you know that was an exaggeration

MOST forumers who didnt like him are poof

“This a dictadure retard”-


I didn’t like how shit quality that vid is so i fixed it

Artanaris is fine, don’t really see why anyone would dislike them too much

because hes the ‘no fun allowed’ type of mod

didn’t really get that vibe

the only “bad” thing they did was withhold sources for julie’s reasons for getting banned, which they corrected instantly

so idk if you guys got beef or something but I don’t see anything that warrants anger towards them

he was the no fun allowed mod to not just jubilee, but some other people aswell.

The real question is why are we making a topic about something like this in public?

k ima have to ask for a source

no one’s scared or anything

mods aren’t boogeymen

Also true :nod: