Oath keeper vs Vastira vs Sunken Sword


Sunken sword still best because not punishable sunglass

A reminder that Vastira skill is literally a self shockwave.

minotaur axe is def the worst
sunken sword is prolly best cuz its a mobility skill that does dmg while oathbreaker has a ranged skill

I think it depends on how close you are to your target. If you are far away, it is easier to use the Oath Keeper skill than to run towards your target and use Rising Tide.

Why not all three? (I’m kidding, please don’t hurt me)

But seriously, you could just have Oathkeeper and the Sunken on your hotbars, assuming you’re lucky enough to have both, as they both appear to be decent weapons

Vastira cries, but nobody cares because

it’s garbage

Minotaur would like to know your location.

oathbreaker? is it the sword?

Its the oath keeper. Also yes.
Oath keeper is the sword
Wall of Jericho is the shield

huh, are those bible references

I would like to know his location. The gear isn’t going to farm itself.


I know people will probably disagree with me but currently I probably wont use the oathkeeper, I may use the axe instead since it fits my play style a bit better. HOWERVER, once they are released and all of their stats are shown and I have gotten the chance to compare them with how I play my opinion and choice may change.

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that’s how it works

Ehh ill just get all 3 weapons

aren’t you banned? or is this on an alt

Nah this is my main discord account lol my roblox account got banned

The vastira seems very cool