Obtained the hood, no longer looking for a trade

Hey there,
I’ve been using, a ‘little bit of time’ trying to find a white hood. I am offering, 1K crowns, my armor, and fishing rod for the white hood. I’ve tried making several deals for this one hood using several items, even tried doubling the crowns i give, and yet most of them still declined.
I really don’t get why, it’s just a common item.

Mostly because many people don’t bother with these trades, it’s a hassle for no payoff whatsoever (because we don’t care about crowns on the forums).

A tip: you can find chest routes online, use them

I think you can find some at tailors.

If you don’t get one in 5-6 hours then just DM/PM me.

Does grey work? I feel like there is no white color because they’d be too similar


if your adding crowns its probably bad

Lvl 90 hard burlap dark leather armor with lv90 hunting boots both enchanted, but uh, the trade is over, so.

Yeah that’s dogshit i don’t want that

The guy never offered to you specifically in the first place? Also crowns and common items for other common items is fine

hes starting to act like you be proud :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

im assuming ur taking a dig at me but bro!! i never call a trade offer that i dont like dogshit and say that i dont want it especially if the op never even mentioned me ever specifically, what are you on about mister fart man :pensive:

i like mister fart man call me that from now on

mister bitch man


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