Odyssey Feed ~ TOF 2.0!

Published by Fang Cobalt Percy.

This issue of Odyssey Feed was published on April 18, 2021. (US).

Welcome to the Odyssey Feed, 2.0! As you can see, i’ve made a new logo, and a new, cleaner, more organized header… If you want to check out that progress, go to one of my earlier friends. I’m too lazy to link it, but you can probably find it. This new logo will be at the head of each issue. And speaking of issues…

Procrastination. Each week, I wait until the very end to fill in the trello info and everything else. This leads to a lot of stress. Because of this, i’m going to be shortening the newspaper once again. But this time, we’ll have something to make up for it.

After 3 days since I start writing one of the issues, I can publish it. I should do this after we have a sufficient amount of trello information.

The reason the Odyssey Feed exists is to publicize Trello information further, not for the Forum topics.

This is a reason everyone likes it, but it’s just making me procrastinate more. I’ll be shortening that section, and merging the writing and art section once more. Don’t worry, i’ll still have the riddle as those are fun and easy to write.

This will leave me to focus further on just the Trello information, and i’m going to hope it’ll solve some of the issues i’m having with the newspaper right now, leading to a more fun time for the viewer and me, the writer.

Thank you so much for reading this announcement. Have a great day!


“Will the increased amount of issues take up more space on the forums and make people lose interest?”

Not necessarily. Issues will come out probably around 4-5 days, provided I have enough information. Because of this, you can expect an issue to come out once you think there’s a lot of stuff going around. And we’ll keep updated with the latest news.

(More later.)


Keep up the good work. I like the Odyssey Feed anyway so just keep doing it.


Thank you so much! Sorry for that late response.

It’s alright. Everyone has things to do.

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give me best writing :nod:

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Make arsen wear a skirt and ill consider

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hes gonna do it hes gonna do it

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If he does, i’ll be surprised lmao.

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Thanks for the update. Odyssey Feed is one of the best kinds of content we have here, I’m glad to see it becoming fresh, brand new.

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guess ill die

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Femarsen now

oh god

The end is nigh