Oh boy, Arcane Odyessy came out for only 2 weeks, I hope no-one made any sussy art of it

They did

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Considering Iris has been the target of degenerates in discord, not surprised tbh

there has been questionable Iris art since more than a year back

Oh boy i wonder what cool fanart people have created under the #arcaneodyssey hashtag on twitter!

:sleeper: oh

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hold up lemme check

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Oh no.

There’s nothing there smh

I just went through it again, someone mustve deleted their art, there used to be some VERY questionable things on that tag especially towards the bottom.

didn’t find any weird shit so that’s good although if I looked somewhere like deviantart id probably find it in seconds

Just like Deepwoken, this game has a demographic of teenagers in their hormonal stage

i have only seen one sexualized piece of art about AO and the one time i saw it was when someone went to this forum whining and sobbing because they saw it in google images with some hyper specific search request

don’t look for weird stuff and 999 times out of 1000 you won’t find weird stuff

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I hate you all so, so very much.

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What’s funny is that they have comments. Not only are people posting it but they are actively searching for it. Fucking bizarre. I get doing it for the jokes n shit but some of these people really down bad :skull:

I actually think, I boosted their view count a little.


What have I done.

this has been documented before :fr:

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there’s nothing that scares a roblox player more than adult content