Olympus News

Olympus News is a News reporting discord focused on delivering News about Arcane Odyssey (When it comes out),Olympus News is mainly about delivering Guild-Related news.
You can join the Olympus News discord here! Or you can follow some of the channels for the news to come to you!

I got news

World Conquest is raiding world of magic

The news are about Arcane Odyssey when it comes out.

Ok,what about community wars

…The news are about AO and it’s guild wars,when it comes out,which it hasn’t

You can easily make something on that


name it to Arcane News :slight_smile:

also if you want to report on guild wars then you have to be in every guild server…

Omg you are doing AO news?/?/???/?// [email protected]! I file copyright lawsuit because I also write news!1!!11 OMG, you’re in troubl!1!1!!! 2RU*(Q&[email protected] @ :scream::scream::scredaam:

(This is a joke. I also hope you have better work ethic than I do lol)

I’m in a shit-ton,there’s also a channel where you can put news i missed,and do my job FOR me

I didn’t know there were other news reporters other than me,it’s nice to meet you!

no that’s not creative at all

Thanks. It’s nice to meet you as well, best of luck to you!


You only joined 3 days ago