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Why hello, traveller.

We are Omega, a fairly new clan looking to rise higher than you could ever think we want to.


Division 1: Alpha Division
Commanded By: Sebastian Clay
The iron fist of Omega, the ones who prevail us to the top, the Alpha Division, responsible for taking initiative in PVP and Keeping our reuputation.
Division 2: Beta Division
Commanded By: Ellis Salore
The main navy and support team in Omega, favouring assisting not only our own, but our affiliates in the War Seas.
Division 3: Delta Division
Commanded By: Harrison Lamina
These people are responsible for the upkeep of Omega’s Economy and Guild Bank, and also collecting rare items for the uses of the Beta Division, in the long term, without the Delta Division, the guild would go nowhere.
Division 4: Gamma Division
Commanded By: Sam Cutlass
This is less of a division, but serves as our branch guild for Recruits, to pass from Gamma into Omega, you need to gain the same amount of Infamy the Omega members are expected to get for their quota, once you’re in Gamma, you have 14 days to get the Infamy, if you lose infamy, you get a suspension according to how much you lost.

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