Omg omg new wom owner?!/2?

oh my vetex isn’t the owner of wom?!?!?!?! OH BEEEP.


“Puts on my tin foil hat” Clearly Vetex is the public face and not the one actually pulling the strings behind the scenes.
We must find the shadow devs and get them to finally give us AO!

Though in all seriousness, it amazes me that some people try that kind of thing. Considering that Vetex has made a point to credit everyone whose helped development in some manner.

Just blast them with facts and call them out for something like impersonating or giving yourself false names.

I wasn’t originally sent it, a friend of mine did. I would’ve done that though :troll:


Vetex lyied to us!


I wanna kill him :nod:
omg real vetex

holy shit vetex is actually just a government spy deceiving us for profit!!! that’s why WoM is laggy because vetex sent government birds to lag the system1111111!!!


why would he be asking for an oathkeeper when he could just give himself one if he was the ONWerDSA of the GAMersazx- /s

because the clout of gamedev leads him to believe that he might go places with the title (which won’t)

oh I sent that message to noble, and apparently one of the other mods temp banned him for something. lmao.


no there’s an ss.