Ominous Calling

‘‘Summon Alastor now’’
The servant cowered in the presence of the King, stammering a shaky ‘‘Yes sir!’’
The King sighed. He had dealt with Alastor’s occasional mood swings with a few whips and harsh lectures. This time though, it seemed Alastor had fallen into a deep depression, which a few whips and harsh talking did little to cure. The King was at a loss as to what to do, since Alastor’s foul mood had caused a noticeable dip in his Healing capabilities. So he had decided to deal with this problem personally.
Alastor was brooding in his small dungeon room when the King’s servant, Auriella, swung open his rickety door and frantically told him that he was being summoned by the King.
Alastor’s face darkened at this, and he asked the reason why his presence was demanded. Auriella, with an exasperated expression, just told Alastor she had no idea and suggested he hurry up. Alastor threw on his white robe and walked briskly to the King’s quarters.

The sound of a slap could be heard from miles away as Alastor gripped his cheek, the sting of King David’s palm causing his eyes to water. I won’t cry, he thought, I will not let him deem me weak. Because I know exactly what he does to weak people. Unwilling memories of horrific screams filled his mind. He snapped away from his thoughts when the temperature of the room seemed to shoot up instantaneously, causing him to break out into a sweat borne of heat and anxiety. ‘‘I want to make things very clear Alastor. You’re lucky I saved you from that dump of a village, where all those weak, pathetic excuses for humans were massacred. Probably for the best. The only reason I tolerate your nonsense is because of your unusual healing abilities. Your Light magic underwent a transformation that was previously thought extinct. If you allow your worthless emotions to dampen the usefulness of this ability, not only do I have no use for you, but I’ll have you ‘‘discarded’’ as well. Up till now, I’ve only disciplined you with no intention of ending your life. But if you fail me now, especially when Magius is in such shaky times, you’ll live to regret it. Do I make myself clear?’’
‘’ …’’
''I said do I make myself clear?
‘‘Yes sir.’’, Alastor said as he genuflected before the King.
‘‘Very well then, you are excused.’’

King David Silver congratulated himself on a job well done.